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Terms & Conditions - Top Up PayPal Account

Top Up PayPal Account is available at RHB Internet Banking. You MUST login to RHB Internet Banking > Prepaid Services > Top Up PayPal Account to use this service. By using this service, you will be subjected to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Top Up PayPal Account (hereinafter referred to as “this Application”) is an electronic fund transfer service provided by RHB BANK BERHAD (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) and supported by PayPal Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “PayPal”). By using this Application, your fund will be transferred from your bank account with the Bank into your PayPal account as PayPal balance only.

  2. By submitting this Application, the Bank shall be at liberty to use this Application on behalf of the Applicant and the Applicant agrees that any banking service charges and fees related to this Application will be deducted from the amount remitted.

  3. Upon submitting this Application, The bank will make an electronic transfer from your bank account in the amount and currency you specify. You agree that such requests constitute your authorization to the Bank to make the transfers to your recipient’s PayPal account via an email address as specified by you. The email address specified by you shall be the same as your recipient’s registered PayPal account to receive funds. Once you have provided your authorization for the transfer, you will not be able to cancel your instructions to the Bank to carry out the electronic transfer. Therefore, you are required to ensure that the information provided in this Application is correct at all times.

  4. SERVICE CHARGES - There are no service charges imposed to you as RHB Internet Banking user who top up from your RHB Current/Savings account to your Malaysian registered PayPal account. Kindly note that the Bank reserves the right to impose service charges in respect of future application and such service charges may be further amended from time to time with prior notice given either by sending Secured Message to Internet Banking users or displayed at RHB websites and/or other means of communication that may be deemed appropriate by RHB. Furthermore, the applicable service charge will also be made known to you at the point you perform your Application

  1. FOREIGN EXCHANGE – For a transfer made in any foreign currency through this Application, the currency exchange rate used to convert the remitted funds in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) into your selected foreign currency will be higher than the Bank's applicable rate at +0.01 basis point. Kindly refer to Bank's applicable foreign exchange rate at http://www.rhb.com.my/rate_charges/foreign-exchange/fe_main.html

  2. RECIPIENT ACCOUNT – The expression “Recipient account” used here refers to your PayPal Account registered at PayPal’s website - www.paypal.com. The funds transferred via this Application will be transferred into your PayPal Account as PayPal balance.

    You may use the funds to perform online purchases via PayPal or withdraw the funds to be deposited into a bank account, credit card or have funds issued to the Recipient via cheques. Kindly note that PayPal is a global payment service and imposes various fees on recipients of funds, including fees to withdraw funds from the recipient’s PayPal account into a bank, credit card, or for issuance of cheques, fees for commercial transactions, cross-border fees, and currency exchange fees. These fees vary depending on the country of location of the recipient’s PayPal account. For a full fee schedule, please click here and select the country of your recipient and refer to the relevant fee policy that applies.

    You are only allowed to transfer funds into your own PayPal account using this Application. In the event of misuse of this Application for money transfer to a 3rd party’s PayPal account, PayPal may freeze the fund and suspend the account that you have transferred to.

    Kindly note that your recipient account, also a PayPal account is subjected to the terms and conditions set forth in PayPal’s User Agreement available at PayPal’s website. You are advised to keep updated on the changes of PayPal’s User Agreement from time to time at PayPal’s website. The Bank shall not be liable for any actions taken by PayPal as per stated in the PayPal User Agreement.

  3. REFUND AND ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGE – The Bank may at its and /or Pay Pal's discretion and subject to terms and conditions as may be agreed between the Bank and PayPal, refund the principal amount of a money transfer upon the written request of the sender within 60 days if the payment sent have not been accepted or used by the recipient at his/her PayPal account. Any request by the Applicant to retrieve and/or stop payments made to a recipient will be handled by the Bank and/or PayPal on best effort basis and may be subject to any fees that may be imposed by PayPal. Kindly refer to PayPal’s User Agreement at PayPal's website from time to time for notification on any charges.

  4. Any refunded amount will be returned to the Applicant in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) as transacted in this Application into the Applicant's bank account. For transfer done on other currency besides MYR, the refunded amount received may be lesser from the amount stated in this Application due to the services charges imposed and foreign currency exchange rate applicable. The Bank will use the prevailing Bank's applicable rate (with +0.01 basis point as mentioned in Clause 5) for the purpose of calculating the equivalent MYR amount to be refunded.

  5. By submitting this Application, you agree that the Bank shall not be held liable for any mutilation, interruptions, omissions, errors, delays or misinterpretation of any messages when received through wire, cable, telex or mail or through any cause in relation to this Application. The Bank may send any message in relation to this transfer in explicit language, code or cypher as it deems fit.

  6. PRIVACY POLICY – By submitting this Application, you agree that the Bank may disclose your personal information to PayPal. The information disclosed may include information describing your transaction with us; identification information, such as the name and other information about senders and receivers. You agree that the Bank and PayPal may disclose your personal information to regulatory or law enforcement agencies where the Bank and PayPal are authorized or compelled by law. You may have other rights regarding the privacy or protection of your personal data under applicable law.

  7. The Applicant shall indemnify the Bank, its employees and agents against all claims, liabilities, losses, expenses (including all legal fees and disbursement), suits or damages resulting from the rectification, return or refund of payments by the PayPal pursuant to the request of the Bank/applicant or otherwise in enforcing the terms of this Indemnity obligation.

  8. For more information about Top Up PayPal Account, please call Internet Banking Customer Service number at 03-92068228 or visit www.rhb.com.my. About PayPal Account and its services, please call PayPal Support Centre at 03-77237155 or visit www.paypal.com